Shadows in Reality – Potentially Brilliant 12 week drama course on mental health

‘Shadows in Reality’ – Potentially Brilliant Productions
12-Week Drama Course on the theme of Mental Health
Starts Tuesday, 11th, July, 7pm at The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool
Runs for 12 weeks
£3/£2 per session
(Please note change of day from Monday to Tuesday evenings)
A series of drama workshops using creativity to explore the theme of mental illness. Each session will examine our attitudes toward mental health and feature characters from literature and drama such as Hamlet’s Ophelia, Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Tennessee William’s Blanche Dubois and Sophocles’ Ajax.
It is intended for both actors and non-actors who wish to explore these themes in an informal setting with the opportunity to perform in a ‘sharing’ in October.
To book a place contact Mikyla on 0759 0458 297 or
Alternatively come along on the evening.
*Please note these are not drama therapy sessions. Adults onlyShadows workshops - high res - Copy