Burjesta Theatre Xmas Workshop

Wednesday 19th December, 7pm
The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool

You are all warmly invited to come along to our Xmas workshop to end the year in high spirits. Led by Burjesta Artistic Director Mikyla Durkan, we can promise you fun, games, the surreal, general silliness and competitions…all welcome whether you’ve been a regular or not…

And if you can’t make the workshop but fancy catching up in the bar afterwards come along for about 9pm. The workshop itself costs £3/£2

Merry Xmas from Burjesta

Burjesta Workshop – Superstructure & The Matrix ‘Brecht, Marx and Dialectical Theatre’  Wed, 24th Oct, 6pm

@ The Casa, Hope St, L’pool

*Please note the earlier start time of 6pm.

This week we look at a key concept of Marxism, ‘base and superstructure’ and its relevance to Brechtian theatre. We’ll delve into it more by looking at extracts from ‘The Matrix’, the cyberpunk film from the Wachowskis, which exposes elements of ‘superstructure’ in a populist manner.

As this is the final workshop of the series we’ll finish with an overview of Brecht’s theatre, his plays and his theoretical writings asking what influence he has had on modern theatre practice.

All welcome beginner or experienced – £3/£2

Audition Notice – Punch and Judy – Burjesta Theatre Wed 14th November

6pm to 10pm
The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool
We are excited to announce details of our 18th production to date, an adaptation of ‘Punch and Judy’, for adults. There is no need to prepare anything for the audition but if you’re planning to come send a confirmation email to info@burjesta-theatre.co.uk . Please note this is unpaid work.
Punch and Judy –
Our 18th production to date is an original adaptation of the Punch and Judy story for adults. We will be performing it at The Casa Fringe Theatre on Hope Street, Liverpool on the following dates: 7th, 9th, 11th February.
Rehearsals will begin in the last week of November, once a week through until Christmas. From the first week of January through until performance there will be intensive rehearsals three times a week in the evening and possibly a Saturday daytime rehearsal as well.
Characters –
Here are some of the characters on which our adaptation is based. We will not necessarily cast according to gender and other than the main role of Punch actors can expect to be playing more than one role:
Mr. Punch
The Baby
The Constable
Joey the Clown
The Crocodile
The Skeleton
The Doctor
Toby the Dog
The Ghost
The Lawyer
Hector the Horse
Pretty Polly
The Hangman (a.k.a. Jack Ketch)
The Devil
The Beadle
Jim Crow (‘The black man’)
Mr. Scaramouche
The Servant (or ‘The Minstrel’)
The Blind Man
Audition Process:
Firstly if you’re going to audition please send an email to info@burjesta-theatre.co.uk confirming your attendance. You do not have to indicate which character(s) you wish to audition for.
There is no need to prepare a text for the audition. The audition will be a ‘workshop audition’ with a combination of group work and text to be performed, either a monologue or duologue which will only be given out on the night but for which you will have time to prepare within the audition. Finally there will be a short informal chat with the director and producer to cover details of the production. Please come dressed for a physical workshop, trainers, loose fitting clothing for example.

Burjesta Workshops – Brecht, Marx & Dialectical Theatre 7pm, Wed 10th October – Good Person of Szechuan

@ The Casa, Hope St, L’pool
In our continuing series looking at the work and theory of Bertholt Brecht, this week we continue with extracts from ‘Good Person of Szechuan’, focusing on the trial scene at the end of the play.
You can read the play here online for free:
Each session costs £3/£2. All are welcome beginner or experienced and you can join the workshops at any time, no matter how late in the series.