Revolutionary Theatre Workshop – Jack Cade Rebellion – Henry VI Part II

Burjesta Theatre Workshop – Revolutionary Theatre – Jack Cade Rebellion – Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part II
7pm, Wednesday 17th May @ The Casa, Hope St, Liverpool

This week’s workshop is dedicated to the rebellion of 1450 by Kentish commoners against a corrupt English realm as depicted by Shakespeare in Henry VI his trilogy of events covering the Hundred Years’ War with France and the subsequent War of the Roses in England.

We’ll be looking at Act IV of Henry VI Part II in detail (see link below) and asking does Shakespeare succeed dramatically in his depiction of events, how well an understanding of politics does Shakespeare possess and where do Shakespeare’s allegiances lie.

All welcome, beginner or experienced. Each workshop is a stand alone workshop and costs £3/£2.

Regards Burjesta

Here’s a link for material covered –…/plays/play_view.php…Jack Cade