Burjesta Theatre Workshop – Coriolanus – Wed 10th May

coriolanusBurjesta Theatre Workshop – Coriolanus – Revolutionary Theatre
This Wednesday 10th May – 7pm @ The Casa, Hope St, Liverpool
The first of a new series of workshops ‘Revolutionary Theatre’ looking at how different playwrights have depicted revolutions, rebellions and uprisings…
Whilst not Shakespeare’s greatest play, nor Coriolanus his greatest tragic character, nevertheless ‘Coriolanus’ is a very interesting play that within its portrayal of the down fall of ‘Coriolanus’ has probably the most advanced understanding of political machinations that we can think of – worthy of Machiavelli himself!.
We’ll be concentrating on the class conflict that arises within the play as the nobles try to deal with a popular uprising from the Roman population worn out by taxes and threatened by famine as the wheat provisions are kept from them by diktat of the nobles in some truly exciting and captivating scenes.
All welcome beginner or experienced.
Each workshop is a stand-alone session and costs £3/£2
You can read Coriolanus on line by clicking on the following link –