Greek Theatre Workshops #2 – Introducing the Theatre, Wednesday 26th August

After last week’s wonderfully heartening beginning to workshops exploring Greek Theatre, we turn our attention specifically to the use of the Chorus. The Greek Chorus was an incredibly dynamic and essential part to Greek Theatre. Somehow lost to modern theatre we see no reason why the contribution it then made couldn’t be revived.

We’ll be looking at Choral extracts including one from Hippolytus on the dangers and uncontrollable demands of Eros; one particularly gruesome piece from Hecuba on the sacking of Troy as well as an extract from the oldest example of Greek Theatre we have, Aeschylus’ ‘The Persians’ and finally Dionysus’ emergence from an earthquake, he himself has contrived to meet his adoring Bacchants and signal the doom of poor Pentheus in The Bacchae.

If you care to learn about the very origins of drama then head along to The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, Wednesday 27th, 7pm, £3/£2
Beginners welcome!

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