Burjesta Theatre Workshop – Wed 20th August – Introduction to Greek Theatre

Introductory Session – The first of a series of workshops exploring Greek Theatre. We’ll be looking at selections of work from the four giants of Greek Theatre from works such as The Bacchae, The Orestia, Antigone and Heracles’ Children, introducing characters such as Agamemnon, his concubine Cassandra, Orestes who comes to revenge his death, the blind prophet Tiresias, and Bacchanalian God Dionysus to name but a few…

There’ll be a chance to try out duologues , monologues and we’ll also have a first look at that most dynamic of functions in Greek Theatre, the Chorus. We’ll also have a look at some of the social and political environment in which these plays were written and some of the stylistics of staging Greek Theatre.

So if this sounds of interest to you come along with your enthusiasm and get involved. No previous experience of acting or knowledge of Greek Theatre required to attend.

The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, 7pm

Workshops cost £3/£2

For more information click on the following link –


or contact: info@burjesta-theatre.co.uk