George Orwell – enemy of the working class, Julian Bond on Liverpool Community Radio

Julian Bond, co-founder of Burjesta Theatre writes the following on an event on Liverpool Community Radio:

“Just got back from a very interesting hour spent on Liverpool Community Radio as part of their ‘The Reading Room’ program where I was part of a panel of five people talking about George Orwell’s ‘Homage to Catalonia’ (which influenced Land and Freedom heavily by Ken Loach). A variety of view, mine was that Orwell is a ‘false friend’ of the working-class, anti-revolutionary, naive at best, dangerous at worst and a useful ideological expression of the capitalist media to take the working class down a cul-de-sac of ‘safe ‘socialism”. Others disagreed but was all conducted respectfully.

It’s great to have an hour of politics on the radio, talking about communism, fascism, revolution etc. The last 20 minutes of the show were very interesting too, listening to Liverpool writer Jo Mac (Red Skies – history of Liverpool in ww2) who had a lot of very forthright things to say about writing, censorship, elitism in theatre, lack of funding, discrimination against working-class in Liverpool which was a pleasure to listen to.

Anyway for those politically minded I recommend giving the show a listen. It’ll be availible to listen back to from their podcast shortly and also the program will be repeated next tuesday and thursday online at their website¬†