Burjesta Workshop – Wed 19th July – Preparation for ‘Revolution’ Audition

Burjesta Theatre – Preparatory Workshop for ‘Revolution’ Audition This Wednesday 19th July, 7pm @ The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, £3/£2

This Wednesday’s workshop is dedicated to script extracts from our Autumn production, ‘Revolution’ which we are auditioning a week on Wednesday. ‘Revolution’ looks at the events of the Russian Revolution 100 years ago. The workshop is designed to give participants an overview of the play in terms of style and content. We’ll also be giving out background information on the production.

For more information on the audition click on the following link – www.facebook.com/events/1894267187456480

You don’t have to attend this workshop in order to audition but it will probably be advantageous to familiarise yourself with the play. It will also allow you to decide whether or not you want to audition. You can of course attend the workshop even if you’re not intending to audition.

Woman Russian RevolutionRegards Burjesta