Workshop Wednesday 15th January – History of the Vampires (1 of 2)

BURJESTA THEATRE WORKSHOP – This Wednesday, 15th January, 7pm, The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool

This Wednesday will be the first of two workshops dedicated to themes and aspects for our 8th production, History of the Vampires, which we’ll be auditioning on 1st February (see link below).

We’ll be looking at some of the physicality that will be required for the roles in the play, accurate imitation of accents and behaviour (as opposed to pastiche) as the play includes famous people who will need to be accurately portrayed, inner tension/internal dynamics of vampire characters, transition between ‘human’ and ‘vampire’ behaviour. We’ll also be giving out a synopsis of the play so attendees can better make a decision as to whether they wish to audition.

Please come dressed for a physical workshop i.e. tracksuit, trainers or something similar. You can still attend the workshop even if you’re not interested in auditioning.

We have also had to increase the cost of workshops in order to cover the rent of the room. We are now charging £3 for waged but it still remains at £2 for unwaged.

For more details on auditioning go to –