Workshop – Wed 31st Jan – 6pm @ The Casa, Devising Theatre/Spring Production

Burjesta Theatre Devising Workshops & ‘Burning of the Sick and the Poor’ Production

Come and join us this Wednesday, at the earlier time of 6pm, as we begin work on devised theatre for our late Spring production, a satire of British society and the crisis in housing that is affecting millions of people.

We’ll be looking at issues around housing such as, the loss of council houses (now renamed social houses), the rise in slum landlordism, homelessness (street and people living in temporary accommodation), cuts to Housing Benefit and the Bedroom Tax, the gentrification of desired areas and the removal of the working class from those areas and some of the issues around the Grenfell Fire and how it relates to the treatment of working class people.

All are welcome from beginner to experienced actor. These are ongoing workshops. You can still join us even if you didn’t attend the previous sessions and you’re welcome to attend even if you don’t wish to be in the production.

We’ve brought forward the time of the workshop to 6pm to give us time to look at the research material at the beginning of each session but if you can’t make it that early due to work reasons just come along as soon as you can make it!

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