Potentially Brilliant Productions – Refugee Drama Workshops

refugees-workshops-100A free 12-week course beginning Monday 16th January, 7pm @ The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool
This series of workshops focuses on the emotive subject of ‘Refugees’, exploring and attempting to understand what it means to be a refugee – with the aid of Greek Theatre and its techniques – exploring some of the elements of being a refugee whether then or now and looking at storytelling from different cultures in order to find out what makes us similar.
This is the second series of workshops form Potentially Brilliant Productions following on from the success of the first series on the subject of Dementia which culminated in a performance – ‘Still Here’. The course will be facilitated by Mikyla Jane Durkan (co-founder of Burjesta Theatre), a drama practitioner of many years experience.
All welcome from total beginner to experienced actor.
For more information send an email to info@potentially-brilliant.co.uk or phone 07590 458 297
Or go to the website: www.potentially-brilliant.co.uk