Poisoners’ Progess – Daily Diary of Sugar Free Living – Mikyla Durkan

[Leading up to our next production ‘Sugar – Poisoners’ Progress’ coming late November/early December]

Hello – This is Day 1 of A 120 Day Experiment to see how easy it will be for me to eradicate all refined and processed sugars from my diet. Ok so to be clear this is not a well thought out or particularly well planned experiment – so not that scientific. I am not an expert,scientist, nutritionist or facebooker but after being inspired by ‘Pure,White and Deadly ‘the 1972 book by Professor John Yudkin I have decided to give it a go and share how I get on with you.

It is part of my research for a play being produced later this year.
So Day One – Has been interesting as I am just checking labels of all food stuffs and finding Nutritional Value versus Ingredients i.e.what has got sugar in it and what hasn’t and which of them are
natural sugars……. I will let you know how I get on.
Thank you for the messages of encouragement I think I may need them as seems there’s a whole lot a sweet stuff out there !!