New Series of Workshops – The World & The Actor – starts Wed 16th September

Burjesta Theatre Workshops – The World & The Actor

The Casa Bar, Hope Street, Liverpool

Starting this Wednesday 16th September, 7pm and thereafter on a weekly basis each following Wednesday. Each session stands alone and costs £3/£2

A series of workshops with the following aims:

– to focus actors on thinking about their place in the world and their relationship to the world around them

– to focus actors to perform in relation to other actors around them

– to develop individual actors capable of working within a troupe.

– to make us of the Chorus as it was used in classical Greek drama and to adapt it to a modern style of ‘collective’ acting.

It is hoped that as the workshops progress participants will have developed the ability to extend their range of acting and will have a greater ability to impart themselves upon the stage and will also have a greater flexibility in their approaches to acting.

In order for this to happen the workshops will be conducted in a spirit of positive enquiry, critiquing and mutual support with all workshop participants being expected to adhere to these principals.

All welcome including beginners with no previous experience of acting.

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