‘Horror Workshops’ – New Series of Workshops starting this Wednesday

We’ll be starting up a new series of workshop this coming Wednesday, 25th Septmeber, 7pm, The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool on Horror, Suspense, Thrills and Revenge.

The first workshop will be an introductory one. We’ll be looking at what makes us scared and how to best scare others!! Along the way we’ll be looking at Medea, the Greek tragedy by Euripides in which a woman betrayed reeks revenge in a most brutal fashion, as well as the The Revenger’s Tragedy by Cyril Tourneur which deals with the destruction of a royal family by the aggrieved protagonist.

We may well dip into some examples from TV and film. The workshops will lead towards a production in early 2014 of the first part of Burjesta Theatre’s ‘History of the Vampires’.

The workshops cost £2. No experience required. You don’t have to come to each workshop or have any desire to end up on stage to take part in them!

We look forward to seeing you there…