Greek Theatre Workshop Wednesday, 15th October – Satyr Plays

Greek Theatre Workshop – Satyrs – This Wed, 7pm @ The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, £3/£2

It’s not all tragedy, doom and gloom with Classical Greek Theatre….

This week we’ll be looking at Satyr plays, which were pieces of buffoonery and light-heartedness, grotesque and obscene in nature with which a festival would be finished off with.

The only one which is preserved in its entirety is ‘Cyclops’ by Euripides. But what a play it is, using Homer’s tale from the Odyssey of the one-eyed Cyclops who eats, Odysseus’s sailors, trapped in his cave, for eating his cheese and wine and Odysseus’ cunning in order to escape. It’s a very funny, black-humoured romp and we’ll be acting out scenes from it.

All welcome…