Burjesta Theatre Workshops – Women and War, Joan of Arc, Wed 12th October

Shakespeare’s History Plays – Henry VI, Part 1 – Wednesday 12th October, 7pm Casa Bar Liverpool
This Wednesday we continue are look at Shakespeare’s history cycles with Henry VI, Part 1 which covers the end of the 100 Years’ Wars between France and England and the beginnings of the War of the Roses.
We’ll be focusing on the character of Joan La Pucelle, Jeanne d’Arc, Joan of Arc who battles and defeats the English army and leads to a resurgence of French fortunes before her betrayal and death.
She is a most interesting of characters, not least to see how Shakespeare’s ‘loads the dice’, transforming a historical figure into a harlot and witch whilst acknowledging her military successes.
All welcome beginner or experienced.
These series of workshops will lead into a production using material from the cycles. For more information click on the link below –
Regards Burjesta