Burjesta Theatre Workshops – Shakespeare’s History Cycles – Richard II – Wed 14th September


This Wednesday at 7pm, The Casa, Hope St, Liverpool,king_richard_ii_from_npg_2 we continue our look at Shakespeare’s unsurpassed cycle of history plays with his most lyrical offering, Richard II, ‘ill-suited’ for the crown and challenged by Bullingbrook for the royal seat.

We’ll be looking at selections from the play, some serious, some comic including Gaunt’s stirring ‘This England’ speech though with the ending (normally not included) which transforms its meaning; a beautifully clever scene with Gardeners commenting on the royal garden as an allegory for the State of England and a plotting Duke of Aumerle pathetically and hilariously begging the king to be pardoned.

All our welcome from beginner to experienced to expert. Please note this an acting workshop not a study class and everyone attending will be expected to participate. Each workshop is a ‘stand alone’ workshop and costs £3/£2

You can read the entire play at the following link –

You can also currently watch the RSC’s critically acclaimed production on the BBC iPlayer at the following link –

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