Burjesta Theatre Workshops – All My Sons, Arthur Miller  Wed 6th June

7pm @ The Casa, Hope St, L’pool, £3/£2
‘Great Dramatists & Great Drama’ Series

‘Sure, he was my son. But I think to him they were all my sons’

This week we’ll be looking at extracts from one of Arthur Miller’s lesser-known plays, ‘All My Sons’ which tells the story of faulty parts that are knowingly sent to the government for installation on planes flying in World War II leading to the deaths of dozens of service men. It looks at who is culpable and the morality behind ‘dog eat dog’ practices in business.

It leads us naturally to the question ‘what is required to make great art’? We’ll be seeking to come up with answers to this throughout the workshop.

All welcome from total beginner to experienced actors.