Burjesta Theatre Workshop – Wednesday 21st January Odin/Everywoman

Burjesta Theatre Workshops – ‘Odin at the Bus Stop’ & ‘Everywoman’
Morality Plays * Vice * Death * Comedy * Justice * Surrealism * Norse Myths
This Wednesday 21st January @ The Casa, Hope St, Liverpool, 7pm, £3/£2

Come and join us for workshops dedicated to two new pieces of work. ‘Odin at the Bus Stop’ combines the mythic Norse figure of Odin with Scouse Humour in the creation of a bizarre and surreal tale of what is real and what is in the mind. ‘Everywoman’ is a reworking of the English medieval morality tale ‘Everyman’ which looks at how things stand in our modern society.

These workshops will lead to auditions in April for our summer production of the above two works. You can still come along to the workshops even if you don’t wish to audition and each workshop is designed as a stand alone workshop.

No experience of acting or Morality or Norwegian Necessary!!

For more info email info@burjesta-theatre.co.uk