Exciting and busy times for Burjesta Theatre as we head into the month of July. Let us tell you what we’re up to…

On Thursday July 4th we’re performing a commissioned piece ‘The Real Monsters Revealed’ for the Merseyside Asbestos Victims Support Group @ The Casa, Hope Street. The following day Friday 5th July, we’re also taking part in the ‘Action Mesothelioma Day’ taking place at Liverpool Town Hall, (11am to 3pm), with doves released at 12 noon and an extract from ‘The Real Monsters Revealed’ performed at 12.30pm.

From Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th July, Mikyla Durkan, co-founder of Burjesta Theatre is directing Darren Guy’s play ‘A Thousand Murdered Girls’ at The Unity Theatre. The play documents testimonies of the many Greek women who heroically fought against the fascists in World War II and the subsequent Greek Civil War.

Finally on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July we are holding ‘A Weekend Spectacular’ @ The Casa, Hope Street. We’ve a full length play ‘The Belly of Merrie England, A.D. 2013’, with three ‘burjesta clowns’ wandering through a British society in decline. There’s 3 Burlesque acts for you and 4 live musical acts.

So hope to see you along at some of the events! For tickets for ‘A Thousand Murdered Girls’ contact Liverpool Unity Theatre direct on 0151 709 4988. For all other inquiries/ticket reservations for Real Monsters Revealed/A Weekend Spectacular contact us on 07913 449 396 or info@burjesta-theatre.co.uk