Burjesta Greek Theatre Workshop – Oedipus Rex – Wed 29th October

6pm, The Casa Bar Liverpool, Hope St, £3/£2

‘Drive the corruption from the land
Don’t harbour it any longer
Past all cure
Don’t nurse it in your soil – root it out’

This is the last of ten workshops dedicated to Greek Theatre and we’ve saved the best till last. The finest dramatic spectacle in the canon of Greek Theatre, and possibly in the history of all theatre. Sophocles’ Oedipus deals with the infamous protagonist, killer of his father and lover of his mother. There is no greater tragedy than this! It is also a brilliant detective story – the audience knows from the start the true nature of Oedipus but he is ignorant until the horrifying truth is gradually revealed…

We’ll be looking at a considerable part of the play, key scenes, monologues, duologues and Chorus and putting it all together at the end of the evening’s work. Worth coming just to see the master craftsmen that is Sophocles and his exquisite development of scenes for anyone interested in writing, directing or acting.

All welcome – beginners and experienced alike. Please note the earlier than normal start time of 6pm.

We’ll also be giving out details of the audition process for our upcoming production of Medea.