We are auditioning for our next production ‘Burjesta Clowns v The Bankers’ this coming Wednesday 29th May at the earlier time of 6pm @ The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool.

The play uses clowns as vehicle to journey through Britain in 2013 from Liverpool to a finale in the City of London and looks, we hope in an entertaining manner, at some of the social realities occurring at present.

Auditions are open to anyone who has attended at least one burjesta workshop over the previous 3 months, but please note if you have not been to any during that period we will not audition you.

We are looking for 8 actors in all, of both genders, 3 to play clowns and 5 to play a multiple of roles. Performance dates are the 20th and 21st of July a ‘burjesta clown weekend’ which aside from the play will also involve music and other artistic disciplines on the same evening.

You don’t need to prepare anything for the audition, which will take the form of a workshop and then script excerpts.

Please note this is unpaid work.