Burjesta Audition Reminder Wednesday 29th, 6pm

A reminder that Burjesta Theatre are holding auditions for our next production, ‘Burjesta Clowns v The Bankers’, tmr, Wednesday, at the earlier time than normal, 6pm @ The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool. We would encourage anyone who has attended at least one of the workshops over the preceding 3 months to audition (there are 8 roles, 3 for clowns, 5 for multi-part human roles for both genders). The play combines absurd comedy with the pathos of a society in disintegration under current austerity cuts and financial crisis.

Performance dates are the 20th and 21st of July as part of a variety night with other art performances (music, dance, singing etc).

Please note this is unpaid work and that we are not auditioning anyone who has not attended at least one workshop.