Workshop – 15th Feb – Russian Season – Tolstoy’s ‘Power of Darkness’

Burjesta Theatre – Russian Season – The Power of Darkness – Tolstoy
Wednesday 15th February @ The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, 7pm, £3/£2

Next week’s workshop will be looking at Tolstoy’s startlingly dark ‘suspense’ play on the poverty and misery of the Russian peasantry towards the end of the 19th century.

Lenin called Tolstoy ‘the mirror of the revolution’ for his depiction of peasant life. We’ll be looking at this, his best play, lauded by George Bernard Shaw and Emile Zola to name but two.

Here’s a link to the play itself –

and here’s an excellent synopsis and analysis of the play by the Russian anarchist Emma Goldman…/leo_tolstoy_003.html

The workshop will be focused on Act II in its entirety

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