Greek Theatre Workshop – Wed 1st October – Chorus #2

Greek Theatre Workshops – This Wednesday, 7pm @ The Casa, Hope St, Liverpool – Chorus #2 :-

We continue our exploration of Greek Theatre with a further look at the use of the Chorus, with two very contrasting pieces – one from ‘Women at the Festival’ by Aristophanes which looks at early forms of ecstasy religion and the second a selection from ‘Oedipus at Colonus’, with Oedipus a ‘polluted’ and self-blinded exile from his native Thebes (following the infamous revelation of his killing his father and marrying his mother) arriving on sacred ground near Athens, much to the horror of the local population.

The Greek Chorus is the hidden gem of theatre, largely lost and unused in modern theatre. The power and dynamism of it is spectacular and can be the basis once again for incredibly strong and dramatic theatre.

Come and join us on our adventures – all welcome – £3/£2