Burjesta Workshops 10th June – Oedipus Rex, Irony & Awareness ; 17th June Medea and withholding the hero

oedBurjesta Theatre Workshops – Storytelling Directions
Wednesday 10th and Wednesday 17th June –
Wednesday 10th – ‘Irony and Awareness’
This Wednesday we’ll be using Sophocles’ ‘Oedipus Rex’ as our inspiration. Aristotle considered it to be the most perfect tragedy an assessment we wouldn’t disagree with. We’ll be looking at how Sophocles used different levels of awareness, within the structure, for the audience, the protagonist and other characters to create a sublimely ironic and captivating masterpiece.
Wednesday 17th – ‘Beginnings – Withholding the Hero / The Big Start
A week on Wednesday we’ll be looking at the different stratagems that storytellers have used for the opening of their stories. We’ll be using Euripides’ Medea for inspiration, as well as Richard III, Peaky Blinders and Alien.
Workshops starts at 7pm @ The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, £3/£2 – All welcome