Burjesta Theatre Workshop – Wednesday 11th June – Portraits of Merseyside

This Wednesday we’re beginning a mini-project ‘Portraits of Merseyside’ which will run over the next month or so. We’re asking each workshop attendee to come up with a story about Liverpool. The aim is then to take some of the stories and weave them together into a piece of drama. If it goes well we’ll consider putting on an informal performance of it with invited guests.

Here are the criteria for your stories:
i) must be a true story that you witnessed or were told about from a first hand witness that took place in Liverpool or its surrounds (Wirral, Southport etc if you live there)
ii) doesn’t involve you in the story
iii) occurred in the last six months
iv) doesn’t have to be massively dramatic, though it can be, but something that grabbed your interest.

You don’t need to write them down, but simply be able to retell them to the rest of the workshop over two or three minutes.

Workshops take place at The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, 7pm each Wednesday and cost £3/£2. All welcome.