Burjesta Theatre Workshop – Wed 10th Feb – Explorations in the World of Acting

Burjesta Theatre Workshops – Explorations in the World of Acting
Workshops resume this Wednesday 10th February, 7pm @ The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, £3/£2.
In an ongoing series of workshops we will be looking at how an individual actors interprets the world around themselves, how they act in relation with other actors as a collective ensemble. We will also look at acting ‘authentically’ by which we in no way mean ‘naturistically’.
Workshops will always be practical ‘explorations’ but will focus as well on the psychology of acting. Over time we will also be adapting some of the principles and uses of the traditional Greek Chorus for modern use and looking at how individual actors can be part of a chorus and also remain an individual.
In the first workshop we will be looking at ‘identity’ and how an actor can make use of their own identity within their craft.
All welcome, beginners, intermediate or experienced actors