Burjesta Theatre Workshop 5th August – Doctor Faustus (2nd of 2)

Burjesta Theatre Workshop – This Wednesday’s workshop will be the 2nd of two looking at Christopher Marlowe’s brilliantly dark play ‘Doctor Faustus’, the subject of our next production which will be performed in November at The Casa and at the Unity Theatre. These workshops lead to auditions a week on Wednesday. You can still come along to the workshop even if you missed last week’s or if you don’t wish to audition and if we saw you last week we’d like to see you again this week – so there really is no excuse for not coming!

Please note that we will only audition people who have attended at least one of the workshops. Specific details of the audition process will be given out at the end of this week’s session. For more details of the audition itself and the production click on the following link –www.facebook.com/events/849350558490617

Regards Burjesta

faustus 4