Burjesta Theatre Workshop 17th June – Storytelling Directions – ‘What’s at Stake?’

Change of Programming:rapt audience

Next week’s workshop subject has been changed and will be on –

‘What’s at Stake?’

We’ll be looking at and asking participants to answer the question ‘what make’s for great drama?’, ‘what gets an audience to come in the first place?’, and ‘what keeps them riveted in the time they’re there?’.

We’ll be asking participants to explore these themes, advocate and defend their viewpoints, act out scenarios and consider the corollary, ‘what makes for trivial drama?’.

So by the end of the session hopefully we’ll all have a clearer idea of what makes ‘great drama’.

The Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ
7pm, £3/£2

All welcome!