2 Radio Interviews with co-directors of The Jesus Conspiracy

For those who want to hear co-directors, Mikyla Durkan and Julian Bond talking about Burjesta Theatre’s latest production (starting next week) ‘The Jesus Conspiracy’, we’ve done two radio interviews. You can catch us on Liverpool Community Radio online at www.l-c-r.co.uk with the repeat of today’s (Friday) Big Lunch program which is rebroadcast tonight between 10pm and 12am and then on tmr, Saturday and Sunday between 6am and 8am and 4pm and 6pm, both days – we’re on for about 20 minutes after about 50-55 minutes in to program. You can also catch on Helen Jones’ Daybreak program on Radio Merseyside between 6am and 9am this Sunday morning, she tells us she’ll be splicing our interview in to two parts one at approximately 7.15am, the 2nd at 8.15am. You can also listen to her program for a week after its first broadcast by going online to http://www.bbc.co.uk/radiomerseyside and going to the schedule for Sunday and clicking on ‘play again’ for her program.

Can life get any more exciting?!!