1% Festival – The Casa, 14th June 1pm till late

On the 14th of June the ‘1% TC’ will be holding a festival of Music, Drama, Art and Film in the Casa Bar on Hope Street, which will open discussions about pressing political and economic issues facing the world today. We here at the 1% wish to highlight the unjust disparity in wealth between the rich…the 1%…and the rest of us…the 99%. The festival will open at 1pm with the film Condition of the Working Class‘ directed by Mike Wayne and Deirdre O’Neill, the rest of the day, and night, is packed full of acts, including ‘The Stan Smith Band’, ‘Subversive Histories’ by Alun Parry and Ron Noon, ‘Tolpuddle Revisited’ directed by Victor Merriman, ‘1000 Murdered Girls’ directed by Mikyla Durkan, Specters by Mark Greenwood and Jon Davies, the Hopeless Collective (Gary Anderson and Victor Merriman), ‘Daily Bread’ by Brendan Curtis Burton, ‘Unemployed’, ‘Seems Familiar in the 80s’, ‘Broken Ballads’ byAlice Elizabeth Colquhoun, ‘Peter Rabbit’ by Dayna Killian, acts byBeyourownbanana TC and Eyebrow TC, artwork by Ky Woolliscroft and much more.
Wristbands are 4pound and there will be complimentary food available. To find out more you can find us on www.facebook.com/challengetheonepercent where we will be posting a full schedule of events this week. Capacity in the Casa is limited so to reserve your wristband please email your name, contact number and the number of wristbands required to riselikelions@outlook.com and we will hold them on the door for collection.
Come Challenge the 1% with us!
Dayna and Alice