Biographies of Performers

Musicians and Singers

Alex Solo – Psuedo-Cretan (as in Greece!) musician Alex Solo (somewhat unbelievably his real name!!) was born ‘standing up and talkin’ back’. An uncomfortable blend of satirical and heartfelt songwriting his weird style matches chugging gypsy rhythm with baritone brown-eyed soul.

Alun Parry – Alun Parry brings a distinctly Liverpool sound with his brand of Irish American folk. It is music to exercise your dance muscles, your chuckle muscles, and your brain as well.

His music is affirming, uplifting and thought provoking. But most of all, it’s a great night out!

Alun weaves cleverly constructed stories that tell the tales of ordinary people, carrying the spirit of Woody Guthrie into the 21st century.

Alun is currently recording his third full album ‘Over The Water’ which is due for release this year.

His other studio work includes two full albums (Corridors of Stone and We Can Make The World Stop) and a 6 track EP (Liverpool 800).

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Nicky McGrane – “Grew up listening to Elvis and Dean Martin, they were the only records in our house. Moved on to the typical Brit-Pop bands before finding the bands who have stuck with me – the Doors, Velvet Underground, Bunnymen, T-Rex to name a few. ‘Up the Bracket’ changed the way I thought of music and the way I wrote. When i watched ‘The Filth and the Fury’ it changed everything, its still the most inspiring thing I’ve ever watched.

Picked up a guitar when i was 15. Im left handed, but had to learn it right handed because I couldnt get hold of a left handed guitar. soon as I learnt 3 chords the songwriting started. Always relied on lyrics and melody rather than my guitar playing, because theyve always been the most important thing to me. Should be able to play like Pete Townshend, instead I play more like Pete Price, but I think i get away with it! Been in bands for years, current one im bassist for the Crystal Horses. Notable gigs is headlining the Noel Gallagher Aftershow Party at Carling Academy 2. Also supported Mik and Drew out of Babyshambles (my teenage heroes) at Erics. Other things in the pipeline.

Now its time to do my own thing and get my own stuff out there. I get inspired by fantasy characters and literary figures so tend to write about them. I take an interest in anything psychedelic and tend to write with an abstract thought process. Always thought its better to find your own meaning rather than being given someone elses. Lyrics are the most important part of the song, melody is second, dont care much for playing intricately. Get your point across by strumming a few chords together and job done. Lyrically whimsical with a punk ‘dont care if you like it or not!’ attitude! Thats music to me.”

Vanessa Booth – Vanessa is an exciting new talent with an amazing voice from Southport. She is currently studying musical theatre and has a big future ahead of her!

Burlesque Performers

Mimi Amore – Mimi Amore is a Burlesque dancer, jazz singer and actress currently based in the heart of Liverpool. Her career only started a year ago and it has been growing strong as she becomes more in demand. Mimi is passionate about body confidence and positive mentality and runs her own burlesque workshops to help people reach their highest potential and in September she will be flying out to Australia to become international and meet some kangaroos! For more of Amore you can find her on

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Kitty Kimono – Miss Kimono is a skilled comedy/cheesecake artist, feather fan dancer, hooptease performer and pin up model hailing from the northwest of England. Since taking to the stage after graduating from the Shake a Tail Feather burlesque school Kitty has performed at both public and private events all over the country as well as some of the countrys largest conventions and festivals.

Kitty takes her inspiration from the glamour of the 1920’s-50’s with influences such as Bettie Page, June Haver and veronica lake as well as classic burlesque performers such as Gypsy Rose Lee and Josephine Baker. Miss Kitty Kimono is a published pinup model having appeared in publications such as vintage vixens magazine, Delicious Dolls, Kultur, Gladstone Magazine and Dianna Prince. Kitty is proud to be a sponsored model for Demons and Diamonds whose page can be found on facebook. You can keep up to date with Kitty by searching ‘Miss Kitty Kimono’ on facebook and liking her page, or visit

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Minnie Melons (formerly Renee Boudoir) – Pint-sized pin-up Minnie Melons; influenced by golden age burlesque stars such as Sally Rand and Lili St Cyr; along with the cheesecake pin-up girls of the 40s and 50s like Bettie Page and Jennie Lee. Classic in nature, cheeky in tease. Check her out at